The different strands of our social responsibility activity intertwine in a rich tapestry that brings to life our commitment to our communities, our clients and our Firm.

Our Global Pro Bono Practice focuses on work that matches our strengths as a global law firm and the interests of our lawyers with the needs of our communities. Our charitable contributions support our pro bono partner organizations and help improve legal education around the world. Our volunteer and disaster relief matching programs bring our people together to address pressing needs, strengthening our teams and our communities at the same time. Our Green Initiative aligns our clients’ interests with our own and reduces our environmental impact. We seek to do all of these things in partnership with our clients, because together we can do more.

Global law firms have an important role to play in addressing the complex challenges of today’s world. The legal profession’s tradition of pro bono service has been an example for other professionals who devote their expertise to the public good. We welcome the opportunity to share our experience and work together with those who see the benefits of community engagement.

By serving the public good, we uphold our responsibility to our profession and the global community. By making a difference in the lives of others, we strengthen the fabric of our Firm.